Training Plan for 10-16 Aug 2015

The next running event that I will be participating in is the half-marathon at the Kaveri Trail Marathon (KTM) 2015. This will be my first trail race and I’m really looking forward to running on new terrain.

KTM will be run on 20th Sep this year, which gives me little over a month to prepare. Around that time is also when I will be launching into my marathon training for next year’s Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, where I’ll run my first full marathon.

Needless to say, I need to start preparing.

Taking a leaf out of Andrea’s blog, I’m going to be posting my proposed weekly training schedule and will check back every week to see how well I’ve done. So, here goes the first of my training plans:

10th Aug (Mon) – Gym (Upper Body workout)

11th Aug (Tue) – 5 km fartlek run

12th Aug (Wed) – Gym (Legs)

13th Aug (Thu) – 7 km run

14th Aug (Fri) – Gym (Core workout)

15th Aug (Sat) – Rest day

16th Aug (Sun) – 10 km run

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