Weekly Running Review -16th to 22nd Nov 2015

This week started out well, but ended up a bit of a bummer. Still, one happy realisation, which I shall share at the end of this post.


16th Nov (Mon) – Team member’s birthday, light bootcamp. Although we’d celebrated this team member’s birthday on Sunday itself, it turned out we had an extra cake. So, in spite of it being our group’s rest day, we turned up for a light boot-camp, just so that we could have the cake later. Yay!

17th Nov (Tue) – Cadence counting + interval run. 9.2 kms. We came together for what our trainer calls a trick run. I was supposed to run at 168 cadence, and I think I did a good job of sticking to this limit. I was running with a couple of other buddies who all run at roughly the same pace and our run was so effortless that it barely registered that we had run almost 10 km.

18th Nov (Wed) – Boot camp + rugby. A day to get dirty in the mud and bring out our A-game. Lots of core and legs related exercises, followed by a super energetic and enthusiastic 5min x 2 rugby game. After the boot-camp, one would’ve imagined people wouldn’t have what it takes to to tackle, shoot or score goals, but you’d be surprised by the energy of this lot.

19th Nov (Thu) – Cadence counting. 10 km. Hmm. We were supposed to do an extra round of Victoria Memorial after our regular run on Red Road. The trainer had told me to do a 164 cadence run. Trouble was, my running buddy (whom we shall call ‘Red Bull V’) wanted to run at 180 cadence! I had to reign him in and tell him that this was not a run to test our pace, but to build stamina and discipline. He did give in (more so because I suspect he enjoys the company and banter that goes along with running :D) but towards the end, we did let go a bit and ran at about 168-172 cadence. Still, good run.

20th Nov (Fri) – Rest day. Here is where I began to get lazy. I was out till late on Thursday night and I had a presentation to make on Friday. If I really did push myself, I could’ve gone for the boot-camp which was scheduled for the day, but I decided to catch some sleep and work on the presentation. (In fact, I was working on making a presentation to a group of runners who would be running their first event in about a fortnight.)

21st Nov (Sat) – Yoga + rugby. Saturday was all sorts of fun! First, the super yoga session. I knew we were in for a good session when the warm-up of the yoga session was longer and more intensive than the warm-ups that we do before our long runs! We were sweating, despite the chill November morning. I did the best I could, but my body once again reminded me how not-so-flexible I am. Need to work on this.

Yoga was followed by a game of rugby. I thought I just wanted to sit back and sip some chai. Turns out, I surprised myself with my store of energy. Heck, I even scored a goal!

This was followed by an impromptu decision to go have breakfast with the gang. Our poor trainer smilingly kept calling the food ‘unhealthy’. Not that any of us was listening as we devoured potato/corn/cheese sandwiches and chai. 😛

22nd Nov (Sun) – Long run, 25 km. MISSED IT!! 😦 Late on Saturday evening I realised that all the yoga in the morning meant that I had really stretched my lower back. Although that is a good sign in itself, in the short duration it meant that I was left feeling funny and didn’t feel so comfortable doing squats. So, when I woke up at 4 AM on Sunday, I really wasn’t feeling up to the mark. Added to the fact that my Garmin wasn’t charged enough *and* that I would be running alone for the first 15 kms or so (the others were tapering off before their Airtel Run For Education HM next week), and I had enough reason to sleep in instead. A good day, eventually, because I managed to get in 9 hours of sleep, followed by a light breakfast and 1.5 hours of meditation. Still, I missed the satisfaction that I get after my long runs.


Which brings me to the happy realisation that dawned on me late last week.

Last year, I had set myself a target to run 520 kms, at an average of about 10 km/week. I failed to even come close to that target. Disheartened, I halved the target to 260 km for this year, in the hope that I would at least be able to run 5 km/week in 2015.

Imagine my delight, then, when I see that I’ve almost run 260 kms in just October and November itself! YAYY!

Oct-Nov 2015 RK

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