(Running) Bucket List

I was reading this post on Jane’s blog when the words “hello state #10” struck me. Based in USA, she is trying to participate in a run in each of the states there.

I realised I wanted a similar adventure for myself. It combines my love for running and my wish to explore more of my beautiful country.

And so, here is the number 1 item on my Bucket List.

  • To run a Half / Full Marathon in each of the states and Union Territories of India.

As this will require quite a bit of planning and travelling, I’m not putting an ‘achieve by’ date to it, but rest assured, I shall keep ticking off on the list of states and Union Territories each year.

As of now, I’ve covered the following (in order of runs participated in):

  • Karnataka
  • West Bengal
  • Maharashtra
  • Meghalaya

That leaves me with another 25 states and 7 Union Territories. Hmm.

Wish me luck, people!

8 thoughts on “(Running) Bucket List

  1. Thank you for following my blog! Very excited to hear that you’re taking on a similar goal- best of luck! Sounds like you’ve already covered a handful of races, and I am sure that you can accomplish the rest. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!

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