New running season

Wow! 6 months have just flown past, haven’t they?

In fact, the last time I wrote a blog post, I hadn’t even completed my first marathon. Yes! I did it. I ran my first every full marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016. I didn’t quite finish it as soon as I’d expected (5 hours 27 minutes), but what the heck, I did finish it and that in itself is a big thing.

What needs to be done next is improve.

I haven’t run any events after SCMM 2016. I was planning on going to Sikkim for the Running and Living 25k, but had to back out at the last moment since a friend who I was going with pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances. Tough luck.

Anyhow, I did run a couple of times in the interim, but it has just been very hot and humid here in Calcutta. Which is why I ran today morning because there have been some showers this last week, bringing down the temperature and the humidity levels. I managed to do a 10 km run, although I did have to take a few walking breaks. Still, felt good to be back to running with the buddies.

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