Weekly Running Review -4th to 10th Jul 2016

I would like to make two observations about things I learnt from my running experience last year.

One: Acknowledge the ‘off-season’. For the hot and humid city of Calcutta, where humidity levels are easily more than 90%-95%, it doesn’t make much sense to run during March to June. Sure, some of my friends even finished 42 km training runs in this heat (with temperatures approximately in the 30-38 degrees Celsius range), but I’m not too certain that helps you as a runner/athlete. Unless you’re a professional who must compete in similarly trying conditions, I don’t think it is an exercise which aids you much. Hence, I did take these months off. I should have utilised this time to swim and/or go to the gym in the mornings and you can be certain this is a learning I’m to carry forward and improve on next year.

Two: I have now decided that I’m going to NOT run on days when I haven’t slept at least 6 hours. Or at least reduce such instances to a minimum. I’m all for giving up social night outs (hey, not that I had too many of those) so that I can focus on early morning runs. However, I’ve realised that running on just 3-4 hours of sleep, which I have done a lot of in the last year, leaves me exhausted (duh!) the next day. And as a result, work suffers. Not to mention the detrimental health effects. And I just cannot allow that to happen. Hence, I’ve decided that I’d rather NOT go for a run than spend the day moving about like a zombie.

The second of these two reasons is why I did not get many runs in during the last week. The only two days on which I did run were Saturday and Sunday because although I hadn’t slept enough even on these two days, I was sure I would be able to go home and crash for a couple of hours. Hence, here are the runs for the last week:

9th Jul (Sat) – 6 km easy run

10th Jul (Sun) – 10 km easy run


My friends and I after completing our 10 km run

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