The challenge

Hello once again!

You might be wondering what the devil I’m up to this time.

Well, in an attempt to keep myself disciplined enough to write regularly on this blog, I have decided to challenge myself to publish at least one book review every week.

This neatly ties in with my other challenge, which is to read a minimum of 60 books this year, 30 each of fiction and non-fiction. Last year, I pushed myself to finish reading 26 books, telling myself that a goal of reading a book every two weeks on average is a good target. I am happy to announce that I managed to achieve this, in spite of life-changing events (Hurray! I got married!).

A brief note before I leave: I do not push myself to finish reading books because I have set myself a target of a specific number of books in a year. I set a target *because* I want to read a satisfying number of books each year. For me, reading books is not about being arrogant and boast about the “X number of books that I read this year” but about humbly reminding myself of how much I love reading and learning.

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