Correct your running posture

Given how much I love to run, it isn’t surprising how often I end up reading more about improving one’s performance at running. Another aspect to this is to take care and run properly in order to avoid injuries.

Here is an excerpt from another article I wrote for about how to correct your running posture:

It is simply not enough to be able to run faster and for longer distances. All of your effort will come to naught if your training is cut short because of you sustain an injury because of a bad technique.The manner in which we run affects the bones and muscles of the feet, calves and knees. Thankfully these injuries are preventable if you keep a few pointers in mind the next time you head out for a jog.

When running, do not lean too far ahead. This is easy to do, especially when you are looking down at the path, instead of looking at what’s ahead. Looking down causes the head and shoulder to be inclined and pointing downwards. Instead, you need to shift your gaze up and look at the ground a few feet ahead of you. This will allow you to straighten your back and will make you lean only marginally. The best runners lean forward from the feet, not from the waist.

You can read rest of the article here.