About Me

I’m no great shakes at writing. I write book reviews much like how I would discuss them with friends. I struggle to write. And it is this very struggle that I enjoy. I love the discipline that it requires to shut out the world, to recall what I thought and how I felt when I was reading the book that I’m reviewing. 

Reading a book and not reviewing it now feels a bit like cheating: of cheating the author of a richly deserved word of praise and of cheating your friends and people in general by not letting them know about a good book that they should consider spending a few hours reading.

I’m no good at running either. I’m perhaps the most indisciplined runner you’ll ever come across. But I’ll tell you what. I love running. For me, there are very few joys comparable to the rush that I get when I begin a run.

More often than not, I’m cursing myself by the time I’m done running the first few kilometres. It seemed like a good idea to begin with. But I really struggle when it comes to long distance running. But again, I love the discipline that tells me to just focus on one step after another and to keep going forward. No matter what.

That, in essence, is what this blog is about. About reading and running. About stumbling paces, about broken sentences with grammatical errors. But to keep trying. To keep writing. To keep reading. To keep running. To keep going forward.

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